Anti-wrinkle treatment has been in use for twenty five years and softly relaxes specific muscles creating and smoother look and helping to prevent more wrinkles from forming.  We are the leading Australian brand of anti-wrinkle treatment to give you a natural relaxed look.

Side effects of treatment are uncommon but can include pain, swelling, redness and bruising.  The treatment takes 4-7 days to take effect and lasts around 3 months. Areas that can be treated include: Forehead line, Crows feet, frown lines, Bunny nasal lines,  a gummy Smile, vertical lip lines, a “popply” chin, eyebrow life, mouth frown, narrowing of a wide jaw, neck bands, underarm sweating (effects last for 4-6 months)

The consultation will involve discussing your concerns, taking a full medical and medication history, and a series of baseline “before” photographs.












About The Doctor

Dr Marianne Clarkson trained at Liverpool University, England studying as a Doctor in 1989 before undertaking an additional 6 years of training in general practice. Dr Clarkson immigrated to Australia in 1998 and worked in Townsville and Mareeba before moving to Cairns in 2009.Dr Marianne Clarkson


  • MBChB
  • Member of Royal Australian College of General Practice
  • Certificate in Primary skin cancer
  • Advanced certificate of Dermatology from the Australian College of cutaneous Oncology
  • Training in Aesthetic Medicine through Derma Medical and Allergan.

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